A space between people, finance, and technology

Our Mission

OneMoola solely exist to make personal saving and investing as simple as taking credit or shopping online. We believe this will make our community a better place.

Our Vision

A world where everyone who has the ability and opportunity to earn income is able to afford the things that that truly matter to them and their loved ones.

From The Founders

The financial world and system is fundamentally broken.

In today's world it is far easier and simpler for a person to get a personal loan or shop online than to save and invest for their own retirement or children education, we believe this fundamentally wrong. Our experience in working in the financial industry has taught us that this come down to a system that goes to great lengths to make spending far easier than saving.

So OneMoola in our attempt to balance the scale by making the effort of saving and investing as easy and simple as spending or applying for credit online. We hope this will at least help people make informed decision and afford the things that matter.